Seminarios Ecotono

Ciclo 2019 Seminarios Ecotono

Viernes 8 de febrero,  14:30 hs en la sala Eddy Rapoport del Laboratorio Ecotono  (Pasaje Gutierrez 1125, Bche).

David Inouye has worked at a high-altitude field research station in the Colorado Rocky Mountains for 49 years. As a graduate student he initiated a study of the phenology and abundance of about 120 species of wildflowers in permanent plots, a project that is still ongoing and now has provided valuable insights into how flowering is changing in response to the changing climate, and how those changes are affecting bees and other pollinators.


He has worked with bumble bees, flies, and hummingbirds, and on long-term studies of plant demography.  The growing season is getting longer, the area is now experiencing drought, and an unexpected consequence of climate change is that frost damage is occurring more commonly than previously.



The timing of the flowering community is not changing uniformly, leading to new floral communities, with consequences for plant-pollinator interactions, and animals are responding by moving up in altitude.


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